Annual revenue of the carpet cleaning industry in the United states alone grossed to $5 billion – this is based on statistics by IBISWorld.

This idea would give a glimpse upon the race and revolution carpet cleaning industry in the United States is going through. Technological innovations now boast about its extraordinary capability to get everything instantaneously, even services in one click or a call away. Let’s take a look at how carpet cleaning service changes to become better and beneficial in the coming year.

More and more carpet cleaning calls are on the way- Carpet manufacturers around the globe are now busy with all available materials and designs to create characters for their carpets. While carpets get closer to modern interior concepts , new materials are being experimented by pioneers in the field. One such fiber that remained alienated to carpet manufacture is jute, but this year you can expect to step on jute carpets.

Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

“As carpets made of sophisticated materials and multi-colored designs conquer decors of residences and office spaces, professionals in carpet cleaning has to be updated, educated and trained to keep up with trending and changing styles, this is our primary focus and we dedicate time and force for it”- says operational manager at KPA carpet Cleaning services.

Call for greener carpet cleaning will get more pronounced 

World is becoming more concerned about nature. The publicity and adoption of eco-friendly strategies of production companies in past years have reflected in the carpet manufacturing industry too. Eco-friendly carpet sales have experienced hikes and are still winning floor spaces of more and more customers every day. To cope up, to deliver commitment to eco-friendly shift market experience, nowadays companies are including green chemicals in carpet cleaning procedures.

Carpets evolved with increasing love for pets

Homes without at least a pet have become a rare occurrence. When it comes to accidents pets make on carpets and stains it leaves, owners scratch their heads. To address their needs, stain-resistant pet-friendly carpets came into production and their demand is always high on the market.

The need for sound air-quality within living spaces

Customers are well aware of how dust in uncleaned carpets finds way to the air duct and lungs of individuals, especially in children, causing various health issues. This increased demand for professional carpet cleaning services across the US. Daily, weekly or yearly professional carpet cleaning found its way to the to-do-list of housekeeping. This year, more carpets will get cleaner as studies by various health organizations suggest that inmates living in residences with cleaner carpets suggested lesser risks of respiratory ailments including asthma and other allergies.

Dream and competition for stainless well kept carpets and home interiors

US citizens are currently spending more to envisage and implement cosmic interior decors for their homes. While neighborhood interiors compete to awe guests and grab attention, almost all new interior design concepts come with central roles for carpets to play. So to retain the glamor of living spaces, it has become mandatory to repair rugs as soon as they are stained. This improved demand for carpet repairing and carpet stretching in past years, the demand will rise in the coming year too.

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