The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning and the Pitfalls of DIY Methods

For any active American family, the day after a night party or family get-together at home is reserved for cleaning the indoors. So that their everyday lives resume in a clean living hall where residents use to have usual happy talks at night around the dinner table. One important aspect of determining the cleanliness of any living space is the carpet below.

Whenever a person makes a new visit to a home, the first thing they would notice will be the carpet they step on. If the carpet is shining and excellent in design, guests make out the happiest first impression about the house and family inside.

But due to the day-to-day household activities, carpets easily get untidy. 

How can stains on the carpet impact the overall perception of the home?

To see strings of stains that appear on or alongside the designs of carpet is a discomfort. And it turns disgusting when guests notice the dirty carpet at home and leave a comment about it.

What is the common misconception about removing stains from carpets?

Many wrongly assume scrubbing as the easiest remedy to remove the marks on the carpet. And they resort to washing away stains of wine, blood, food, poop or paint on carpets with the help of some detergent.

What are the potential harms of self-scrubbing and using detergent and sunlight on carpets? 

In most cases, self-scrubbing turns out to be futile, but during the tries, the intensive force applied might sometimes result in serious damages to carpets, those are:

  • The rough surface of scrubbers can damage the top layers of carpet material. This can cause the color and design in these portions to fade.
  • Detergents, cleaning liquids or other solutions used might react with the carpet material. This can cause color variations in carpets.
  • After the process, carpets are usually dried out in sunlight, but this act is highly damaging as sunlight consists of a wide spectrum of radiation. Certain bandwidths among those are found to be sensitive for the fabric or carpet material. Long or short exposure weakens the carpet thus leaving it brittle.

What is the recommended approach for cleaning carpets? 

The easiest best way to clean carpet is to avoid self-scrubbing and say yes to professional carpet cleaning services. They know how to handle carpets healthily even if it is an emergency carpet cleaning.

Avoid soaking carpets in water or related solutions. Instead, go with dry cleaning. This nullifies the need for exposing it to sunlight.

What are the services offered by KPA Carpet Cleaning? 

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