Thanksgiving is all about food, family and frenzy as the preparation for the party begins! After a huge family event like Thanksgiving, your home is bound to become a big mess. Cleaning up after a thanksgiving party is the most tedious job. At first, you clean up and decorate your home before the party begins and after the celebrations are over it comes down to a state where you have to clean it up all over again.

After hours of celebration, you’ll have to face lots of trash, dirty dishes, coffee stain on your favorite couch and the worst of all – stained carpets. A carpet stain is like a nightmare that you have to encounter after a Thanksgiving party. Probably, somebody might have spilled wine or one of the kids must have spilled a glass of juice or dropped ice-cream on the carpet. Some guests brought mud in your house and left mud tracks on your clean carpet. In general, your carpet has to face a lot of injuries after a party is over, whether big or small.

Some important tips you should keep in mind while cleaning a dirty carpet are mentioned below:

  1. Installing interior matting systems within the carpets around the food servicing areas is the first step that you must take. Matting should be done in areas where heavy traffics are expected and at building entry areas.
  2. Wines and spills are most common and also the most difficult to deal with during a Thanksgiving party. Never let the spill or stain set for a long time before you start cleaning. Using a pinch of salt on the stain to prevent the stain from settling down and avoid larger problems.
  3. In case the amount of stains and spills are more, a perfect hot water extraction machine with a proper heat system will work more effectively with cleaning chemicals and the result will be more constructive.
  4. To remove bad odor from carpets, use baking soda in a large amount onto the carpet and allow it stay there for a longer period of time preferably overnight. Vacuum the carpet vigorously to remove the powder from the carpet. Baking powder has the power to soak up the odor without leaving any odor of its own.
  5. If you have to get rid of oil stains from your carpets, use a paper towel over the spill and iron the towel in a warm setting. The oil will stick to the towel which can be then wiped and cleaned easily. For stains that are rigid and strong, sprinkle baking soda and corn starch over the spill.

The above tips will definitely help you to keep your carpets spick and span after a Thanksgiving party. But cleaning carpet stains can be a tough job and sometimes an average homemaker cannot handle it all by themselves. If the situation goes out of hand and you are not able to manage it on your own, not to worry, KPA Carpet Cleaning Services will come to your rescue and our professional carpet cleaners will help you to get rid of all your problems! We will provide you with effective solutions for upholstery cleaning and carpet repair to treat stubborn stains and make your Thanksgiving after-party carpet clean up easier.